Sunday, February 9, 2014

Indescribable Moments

 Entitled, "I'm Losing a Tooth!"
 That Post-Breastmilk Glow

Dave and I were talking at dinner tonight about that old saying that going from zero to one kid is harder than one to two. We wholeheartedly agree with this. When you have your first kid, especially if you wait a bit longer in life like we did, you'll inevitably hit a point where you think, "REALLY? I'm really always, forever, for the rest of my life going to be on call 24 hours a day? I'll have to work all the time? I'll never ever be able to just chill again?"

The second time around, you're used to working around the clock, and you've usually fallen into some kind of groove. Suddenly, keeping a small human fed, clean, and alive doesn't seem too daunting or all-consuming. It's just life.

But, contrary to what the internet will have you believe, parenthood is not drudgery. Yes, there is a lot of work. Discipline. Cooking. Cleaning. Homework. What have you. But then there are these moments. These little indescribable moments that make life intensely enjoyable.

And I had several today.

Stella lying next to me, casually snuggling, talking to me like a peer about plans for her birthday.

Sam looking lovingly at me, stroking my face as he fell asleep.

Stella making up a song about her first-ever loose tooth, and how excited that makes her.

Sam gnawing happily on a piece of red pepper.

Noticing that Stella was having a meltdown at the JCC gym today, most likely due to sensory overload, and pulling her out in the hallway to hold her close, feeling her breathing slow while in my arms.

Sam pulling off while nursing to smile and giggle at me jubilantly.

It's not just that these moments make it worth it. It's much more than that. These moments are life. I wouldn't trade them for all the free-time in the world.

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