Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Things I Am Sick Of:

  • Being fat
  • Being sick of being fat when I know I'm working my butt off to lose weight, have CRAPTACULAR genes, and honestly do believe that beautiful people come in all shapes and sizes
  • Never feeling beautiful, no matter what my shape and size
  • Giving a crap about this stuff when it is NOT IMPORTANT, and being a mom and a teacher really are
  • Being sick - asthma, skin conditions, coughs and colds, foot problems - pretty much constant since I got preggo 3 years ago
  • Feeling like an outcast because my inner guiding voices sound different than most people's inner guiding voices
  • Not having enough time to spend with Stella and feeling EXHAUSTED when I finally do find time
  • Going to the damn doctor
  • Being in the apartment all the time that I'm not at work
  • Being the butt of adolescent anger and angst when all I want is for kids to do their work and improve
  • Working out, working out, working out
  • Being sore, being sore, being sore
  • Driving without a working radio/tape player/CD player (my own voice frankly sucks)
  • Driving so freaking much
  • Complaining on Facebook when I know I hate it when others do the same
  • Worrying about every decision I've ever made
  • Still feeling sad about things that happened decades ago
  • Missing my NYC friends
  • Being tailgated
  • Wanting to change the world, even though I have no clue how and the constant battle frustrates me
  • A messy apartment and no energy to clean it
  • No energy to do anything
  • Not being able to breathe and wheezing constantly
  • Not having a sense of humor and feeling like this
  • The fact that I lack a filter that prevents me from making a fool of myself

Please do not feel the need to comfort or say nice things. I just needed to get this stuff off my chest. I'm in an illness-induced funk and it will pass.

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