Saturday, July 3, 2010


Right after I posted my entry about what I'd miss about NYC, The Brooklyn Baby Daddy very kindly reminded me that I left out something ridiculously HUGE. Food. How could I - a woman nearly obsessed with food - leave off one of my favorite attributes of NYC?
  1. I love the pizza. The fancy pizza like Patsy's or Arturo's or Grimaldi's. The pizza by the slice from a hole in the wall. Grandma's pizza. Sicilian pizza. Garlic knots. Spinach calzones.
  2. I love the bagels. It's cliche but true: no place has a better bagel. My favorite? The egg bagel from The Bagel Hole in Park Slope, untoasted (to toast is to blaspheme), with Temptee cream cheese, lox, red onion, and black pepper. Perfection.
  3. Thai food. Glorious, addictive Thai food. So many places to get delicious and affordable Thai food. Our favorite will always be Song, also in Park Slope. Their veggie spring rolls make you weepy, their spicy broad noodles with chicken are pure comfort food, their Panang curry is a thing of beauty.
  4. Italian food. Authentic, amazing Italian food that makes you want to throw a watery red sauce in someone's face. Al di la, yes, in Park Slope, is a classic. Their menu is seasonal and stupidly affordable for the quality of the food and the ambiance. Their wines are wonderful. My favorite dish is the braised rabbit with polenta. Mmm...
  5. Delis. Katz's Deli - a classic, if not the best, with surly workers and harsh neon lights. 2nd Avenue Deli - now on 3rd Avenue, with melt-in-your-mouth matzo ball soup and insanely good corned beef. And now, our new favorite, Mile End Deli in Carroll Gardens with its "smoked meat" sandwich (i.e. delectable pastrami) and its over-the-top Poutine (french fries with cheese curds and gravy).
  6. Specialty food stores that enable obsessive foodies and cook-a-holics like me to do our thing. Stores that carry raw cheeses or Indian spices or fermented soy sauce or Marmite. Stores with artisan chocolate made from horse milk (no joke) or wild boar soppressata. Wine stores with real absinthe or boysenberry liqueur or that favorite wine from Alsace that I never thought I'd see again.
  7. Coffee shops. Coffee shops that take coffee VERY seriously and make Starbucks seem like McDonald's. Lattes and cafe con leche and home-made granitas and iced coffees with ice cubes made out of coffee so your iced coffee NEVER GETS WATERY. Sigh...
  8. The Grand Army Plaza farmer's market. Brimming with toddlers and dogs and surly foodies cutting in line to get their black raspberries and kale. A place to buy the best yogurt in the world. A place to get inspired to cook with local and seasonal ingredients. Sometimes a place with live music and puppet shows. A place to see friends and taste produce I've never heard of before.
OK. That's enough. I'm getting hungry.

Oh, and one other thing. Wonderful celebrity sitings that I'm floored that I forgot.
  1. PAUL RUDD. Back when he was in transition, back before he was the major comedy superstar he is today. Sitting right in front of me and my friend, Alex, in a coffee shop in the West Village.
  2. All the now stars from my old comedy scene days. Ed Helms, known as Andy on the office, once dated my roommate and was super sweet. Tina Fey, Amy Poeler, Jack McBrayer (from 30 Rock), Horatia Sanz were all people I saw in person.
OK. I think that's it. Soon this blog will return to its parenting roots. But I guess we just have to process this here little move first.


Tiffanie said...

jesus! as a woman very much obsessed with food myself, i am drooling! maybe i need to visit New York again soon!

Amanda said...

I was in New York only a few hours, but I did manage to grab a meal while I was there at Tiffin Wallah, a great Indian place. I wish I had time to try more delicious vegan places, which I hear aren't so hard to find out there!

Mindy said...

Okay, remind me to take you to Simply Thai (awesome hole in the wall restaurant in St. Matthews), Papalino's pizza in the Highlands, and Come Back Inn (another hole in the wall, but this time Italian). I am a total food junkie too so I can show you the ropes here in the 'Ville. And there is always Lynn's which is overpriced, but an adventure in kitsch that is not to be missed!

otherone said...

ok, listen. if you can have diet cream cheese on your bagel, i can have my bagel toasted so it tastes like a bagel and not like a RAW BAGEL! gurl.

paul rudd was so cute.