Monday, April 12, 2010

1st Haircut and Other Life Altering Events

Stella gets a sweet ride during her cut.

And she gets to watch Elmo!

The bangs caused some unhappiness.

The result is pretty darn cute!

Stella got her first haircut last Friday. As is typical for her, she was a screaming banshee all morning (she's getting the final few teeth in and she lets us know that it SUCKS), but then she was a completely calm angel for the hair stylist. See her cherubic little face in the pictures? Well, except when we went in for the bangs, but that annoys even the best of us.

Stella's hair has given us some grief for a while. She hates having it brushed and she pulls out every barrette and band we put in there, so it was constantly a tangled mess. Additionally, since she has a perpetually runny nose, it wasn't uncommon to find chunks of snot and boogers in her lustrous locks. Mmm...motherhood!

Unless, of course, she was at daycare, where she'd let the workers brush her hair and style it in increasingly complex and intricate ways. Braids, pigtails, buns on the head -- each one making me ridiculously jealous and insecure about my mothering abilities as they relate to coiffing.

So maybe that's the real reason we cut her hair.

Regardless, it's tres chic, n'est pas? And Stella loves it. In fact, she keeps checking herself out in the mirror and saying, "hair?"

Yep, this is the child the feminist gave birth to.

In other news, we're moving. To Louisville, KY. In July.

What? You think that's more important than the haircut? Obviously, you haven't seen the beauty that is Stella's 'do!

On the one hand, we're relieved to have finally made a decision. We're excited about a change of pace, the promised ease and affordability of life, the proximity to my family who've vowed to kidnap my kid with such frequency that we'll have the FBI on speed dial. I'm selfishly excited to inch toward educational reform in the Heartland, and I can't wait to be surrounded by Southern hospitality. And have a parking spot. And laundry. And a grocery with aisles big enough to let two carts pass each other unscathed.

But, of course, there is tremendous trepidation. Neither of us has jobs...yet. I have a lot of leads and a lot of people telling me encouraging things, but no job. I've filled out applications for three different school districts, each one insanely complicated and lengthy, and I'm in the process of transferring my teaching license. People tell me getting a teaching job ain't no thing, but I must admit, I feel half-crazy giving up a guaranteed full-time position at one of NYC's top public schools for maybe?- probably, no almost certainly a job. Maybe.

But school systems hire notoriously last-minute, so I must not bite my fingernails down. Even further.

And Dave's still up in the air about what he'll do there. There are some writing leads for him, too, but that field is experiencing major setbacks at the moment. Perhaps a career shift, perhaps going back to school? It remains to be seen.

And, of course, Brooklyn is incredibly gorgeous and seductive now that we've made a decision to leave. All the Spring flowers are in bloom, the weather is gentle and lulling, everyone is out and in a good mood, sidewalk cafes are bustling with delicious food and local beer, free outdoor events are popping up on every street corner.

But NYC has been my abusive boyfriend for 12 years. I know his game. He's all sweet and kind now, but the minute I enjoy it, the minute I trust it, our next door neighbor will start demolition work at 3am or our subway station will close for a month for repairs or some insane person will rub his junk up against me on a crowded train.

It's sad but true, and I'd venture to say that most every inhabitant of this city knows what I'm talking about.

The question is, how much will we miss all this lunacy when we're gone? Some late summer night in Kentucky, crickets chirping as we finish up the last bites of our outdoor BBQ dinner, Dave playing softly on his guitar, my mom tickling Stella and my nephew telling me about his day, will we secretly be longing for our old Brooklyn home, our old Brooklyn home, far away?

Note: This amazing haircut took place at Lulu's Cuts in Park Slope. Highly recommended for their personable staff, great cuts, and awesome toys by the Brooklyn Baby Family.


Holly said...

First of all, love the hair. Very Mia Farrow back in the day, or?

Second of all, I'm really happy for you guys. You have needed a change for a while, and new beginnings are always exciting.

Speaking from a somewhat similar experience, yes, you will miss Brooklyn. But chances are, if you are enjoying the little quality of life things that are so important but have eluded you for years now, you won't look back enough to want to change your mind.

Now that spring is arriving, I'm reminded once again why we moved and how happy I am to be out here. We wanted and needed green space, and we have it. We wanted and needed to have our own place, far from crazy neighbors, and we have it. We can breathe.

Amanda said...

Cute, cute, cute hair! I'm such a sucker for short hair. My little one has a lot and at 7 months I already want to cut a good 3 inches off the back.

Secondly, I know I don't comment a lot but I have seriously been thinking about you guys a lot after your blog regarding your desire to move (and your hubby's desire to stay). I was even telling my husband all about it and we got into a lengthy discussion about what we'd do if we had to leave our beloved Portland because it was truly best for Tahira (our daughter). I am so glad you guys came to a decision and I hope it works out for everyone in the end. You'll miss Brooklyn, especially if that's where you started your family. Memories will always be attached to that place, but luckily it's not going anywhere so you guys can visit.

Making the final decision is the hardest part, I hope it's all easy peasy from here :)

Alaina said...

Stella's hair is adorable. You inspired me to make an appointment there for Ruby. Hope she does as well as Stella did.

Zannah said...

Congratulations on the decision and the move! I really think you'll love it, and I say that as someone who was transplanted there as an 8-year-old (and whose family is still there). If I could convince my husband that 1) it's okay to live in a flyover state (his term, not mine), and 2) my parents would not invade our lives (since they would only be, at most, 30 minutes away), I would move back there in a second.

Good luck!

(By the way, your daughter is adorable, her haircut is cute, and I bookmarked your site after your post about the "Honey, Don't Bother Mommy..." article. Good post!)