Monday, November 2, 2009

When Stella Sleeps...

Brooklyn Baby Daddy, Brooklyn Baby, and Brooklyn Baby Momma, Jack-o-lantern Style

Aren't we spooooooooooooooky?

Why, yes, I am pretty pleased with myself!

Tell me she's not delicious, I dare you!

Two great tastes that taste great together!

At the risk of cursing the Brooklyn Baby Household, I will proclaim that Stella is, for the most part, a really good sleeper these days. I've mentioned it before, I know, but you have no idea what it's like to go from waking up at least every two hours at night with a kid who really doesn't want to go back to sleep at all and rarely wants to nap in the day (for over a year, I might remind you) to having a kid who sleeps 12 hours in a row at night and reliably naps 2 hours each day. It's night and day. (Ba dump ba. Sorry. Couldn't resist.)

So, what effect has this had on the Brooklyn Baby Momma? Well, I've been writing and performing more, for one thing. I've also been cooking more healthy and elaborate meals, thanks to sites like Chow Mama. I've been talking to people on the phone and reading real books about topics other than getting a baby to sleep. And, like any good stay-at-home-mom/elementary school teacher, I've been crafting up the butt.

Normally, Halloween catches me off-guard, and even though I love it, I scramble to find costumes at the 11th hour, scouring shelves full of sexy nurse and sexy traffic cop and even (gulp) sexy school teacher costumes to find the most original (and modest) costume.

Not this year. Oh, no no no. I had it on my calendar as of September, along with weekly reminders such as: buy felt, cut out pieces, sew base, purchase pumpkins, carve, bake pumpkin bread, etc.

And I was incredibly excited about our costume concept. It was cute. It was funny. It was cheeky. It was unexpected. And, a huge bonus for me, it didn't involve drowning Stella in yards of Pepto-Bismal pink taffeta (I'll save that for when she's old enough to beg for it.)

So, yes, I'm showing off to you, my internet friends, in the hopes that you'll validate my existence by telling me how cute we are. I'm also showing you how much more productive I can be when my child sleeps reliably. (I give myself one, maybe two years top, to find the cure for cancer now. AIDS might take a bit longer.)

And, lastly, I'm showing you what I've been obsessing over ever since I found out that the Brooklyn Baby Daddy was laid off from his job. Because a dancing Reese's Peanut Butter Cup is infinitely more pleasant to think about than the prospect of losing our health insurance, wouldn't you think?


Holly said...

I LOVE your Halloween costumes! Yes, you can do anything when you get consistent sleep! Congrats!

I'm so sorry that Dave lost his job. We're thinking about you guys lots. Let us know if we can do anything. I think Michael already mentioned that he might have some contacts for him. Also, my company might have some openings that we have had journalists/editors fill.

Kellygirlnyc said...

I love the costumes! You guys look so very adorable. Nice work, lady. Also very very sorry to hear about Dave. If Letham and I can do anything, please let us know. xoxo

Randi Skaggs said...

Hi Holly,
Dave writing as Randi here. I would love to hear about whatever contacts you might have. Thanks!

Dave (not Randi)

Amanda said...

Cute costumes! When I was a kid, my mom dressed up as a bag of M&Ms and me & my siblings were all the candies...she kept saying, "you came out of my bag" which was...uhh...kinda gross-ish but whatever lol!

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Hilarious costumes! Randi, it was great working with you on Sunday at Mommy Needs a Cocktail. Dave, stay strong! Your patience will be rewarded.

rachel leah said...

Best costumes EVER!