Monday, October 12, 2009

Punch Drunk Mommies

Ready for the brisk day!


Yep, I'm pretty proud of this outfit.

See that upper arm? Tell me you don't want to munch it!

This one just hurts. It hurts.

I was speaking with an awesome neighborhood mom the other day about how cute our daughters are. True, our daughters are blond-haired, blue-eyed doppelgangers of each other, but they each have their own brand of "Oh dear God I almost can't stand to look at you" adorableness. (Is adorableness a word? It is now.)

This mom (who shall remain nameless) expressed her fears that her daycare might call ACS on her for the bite marks on her daughter's butt. Now, she was kidding (I think), but friends, this is a real problem!

What do you do when your child is so freaking cute you have trouble resisting her? When you want to bite her little thighs or munch on her cheeks? And worse -- what do you do when said child is constantly too busy for affection, so you have to settle for a pat on the back here or a seat in your lap while you read Count on Clifford for the 15,000th time that day?

I'm thinking about setting up a non-profit to help mommies like me. We suffer in silence.

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Lauren said...

Oh goodness, I kiss my daughter a ridiculous number of times per day, and am always grabbing her for cuddles. She's already perfecting the teenage "All RIGHT, Mom" eyeroll. ;)

I love the Stella shots; she's just too cute and so blonde! Keep 'em coming!