Friday, September 25, 2009

Expressing Motherhood

I forgot to ask Dave to get a picture of me last night and now I'm supremely bummed. Why? Because this week I did the following:
Got a haircut
Got an eyebrow waxing
Purchased and applied makeup
Purchased and wore a new dress
Squeezed myself into my Spanx like a fancy, homemade sausage

Why all the trouble? For my awesome show, Expressing Motherhood, of course!

Now, having lived in NYC for a 11 years, I've taken part in and witnessed a fair share of sub-par shows. Comedy shows, one-woman/man shows, straight plays, musicals, reading series -- you name it. With a city this prolific, it's pretty easy to witness live theater. It's not always easy to witness GOOD live theater.

But I have to say, this show is AMAZING. I am humbled to be among such talented, honest, brave women. And the creators of the show did an incredible job finding such a varied group of ladies who have so many entertaining, profound and unexpected things to say about motherhood.

Yes, I'm in the show. Yes, this falls under the umbrella of shameless self-promotion. But I really do highly recommend this show for anyone who's a parent, is expecting a child, or is thinking about having a kid one day. I also recommend the show for dearest friends of mine who'd like to come LAUGH HARDILY at my piece about Park Slope.

Tonight and tomorrow -- that's it, baby! I hope to see you there!

And I'll try to remember to get Dave to snap a photo of me -- all cleaned up with no snot, poop or smushed banana to be found!

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Mom101 said...

It was so great to be part of this incredible experience with you Randi (and shamelessly namedrop the UCB class of '03). Your piece was fantastic and you inspired me to get off my damn note cards. So...I guess I owe you one?