Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Writing it Down:

My daughter, the music lover!

OK, so I totally stole this from one of those amazing new mommies I mentioned in my previous post. Tiffanie was a cool chick I knew in high school. We reconnected and now I keep up with her adventures in motherhood, craft-making and cooking with her blog, Moment to Moment, listed to your right. Check it out!

Like Tiffanie, I want to start writing down those amazing moments that happen every day in a parents life. The stuff you swear you'll never forget, but fear you might.

So, here's my first "Writing it Down" moment:

Stella loves the song "Throw a Line" by Patty Griffin (she has excellent taste in music). When she wants to hear this particular song, she gives me a sly grin, then begins to tap her foot rhythmically on the floor.

When I turn the song on and she hears the strong bluesy percussion, her eyes light up and starts to bob her head up and down, ala '80's headbangers.

Sometimes, if mama's feeling sassy, I dance with her. Meaning I do my best to recreate some of my old ballet moves from my childhood while Stella crawls between my feet and claps her hands.

Sometimes, motherhood is just about the best thing I can think of.


Liza said...

that is so precious! i love those moments

Tiffanie said...

ha ha! that's awesome! i love it that she taps her foot!
i am flattered to be considered one of those moms by you, Randi, and also psyched that you liked my "writing it down" idea. it was inspired by someone else, , my favorite UBEREXCELLENTMAMA.