Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Upside of Labor Pains

When life gets tough here at Brooklyn Baby Manor, I often repeat this mantra: "If I survived natural labor, I can survive anything."

First, a disclaimer. I'm not one of those moms who had a natural labor and then is all judgmental about people who go the medicated route. As you know from this blog, I tend to be moderate when it comes to parenting. The same applies to labor.

But for a myriad of reasons I won't bore you with, I decided a natural labor was the only way for me. I told my midwife and Dave to ignore any pleas for medication, which is a good thing, as I began to ask for it the minute I felt the pain. In my own words, "I didn't know it would hurt THIS much!"

But everyone refused. Everyone, that is, except my mom, who hated seeing me in pain. But thankfully people knew to ignore her, too. Is there anything more fun than being in the worst pain of your life and having people ignore you and your mommy?

But there are many benefits to a natural labor. One of them is that recovery is a breeze. Another is that the risk for interventions such as c-sections is greatly lowered.

But my favorite benefit is that now, no matter how rough things get, I can always look myself in the mirror and remind myself that if I endured pain that I was certain would kill me, I can do anything.

Anything, like deal with recurring lead paint worries and a building manager who is, how shall I say it, a bit uncooperative. (For those who are interested, we get her lead levels retested on April 16th and we'll keep you posted. Any prayers/positive thoughts for low levels are so welcome!)

I can do it. Because I pushed a baby out with no medicine. And somehow, I managed not to kill anybody. Or even swear.

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Meg said...

Hi! I randomly found your blog.

I went through natural childbirth, too. I often find myself repeating when things get tough or are painful that I went through natural childbirth!

Love this post.