Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tacky Momma

I can't believe this was almost a year ago!

I am in disbelief that in a couple of weeks my daughter will be one year old. It honestly feels like yesterday that I was walking around, 3 times my normal size, convinced that I'd be one of the few women who delivers her baby early (Stella was 11 days late).

Ah me...

Well, seeing as Stella has so many admirers who've inundated me with requests to know what such a gal might like on such a special day, I've decided to be the tackiest person alive and post a wish-list on my blog. I considered doing a registry, but that takes about 15 days on our dinosaur of a computer, and to be honest, I hate buying from registries. I know they're practical, but I like to decide on a gift myself. I figure you might be the same way.

And besides, I've always thought etiquette was useless. There. I said it. Take away my membership from the Southern Belle Association if you must, but thank-you notes are the bain of my existence, and often sound like soulless carbon copies of one another. I prefer to make phone calls so I can use my voice to gush about how wonderful a gift is. Dave and I only use evite for our parties because it's better for the environment and a LOT easier and cheaper than traditional invitations. We would have done it for our wedding had I not been possessed by the spirit of Brides Magazine and convinced that our marriage would be annulled 2 weeks later without standard embossed invitations in eggshell.

And I HATE that you can't tell people what you (or your offspring) would like for a birthday because it's considered a faux pas! Why is that worse than having to use the freaking gift receipt? (Or making a gift registry that you allude to, come to think of it?)

So, rant over. Nobody should feel pressured to buy Miss Priss a gift, because she has plenty, but for those who insist on showing their affection with goods, here's a list of things she could use:

Clothing size 18 months and up. That's what she's in now, so if you're buying for down the road, you'll need to get 24 months. She needs some more footed PJ's, to be specific, and some of those shoes that don't mess up your podiatric health as you learn to walk. And boy, her wardrobe could use more pink. Just kidding...

Books are a safe bet with our darling. Her favorite author is Eric Carle, but she already has the following: The Very Busy Spider, The Very Quiet Cricket, Where is My Cat, Throw the Ball, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. She still tries to eat her books, so board books are best. She's also recently obsessed with books about colors. (She even tries to say the word color. Sorry -- braggy mom moment.)

We actually need more toys. I've seen awesome playhouses and mazes and such that I think my recently mobile girl would love. FYI: we're planning on getting her a push-toy, i.e. the new, politically correct version of a walker. So back off on that one. I've also seen toddler art sets, so if you can find one that she won't eat, that would be cool. Oh, and we could use a toy chest to house all these toys!

She loves music, and we currently have no kids' CD's. She loves Jack's Music Show and they have CD's, so there's an idea. She also likes the Laurie Berkner band, heavily featured on JMS. A kid's CD player would probably also be cool for her room, come to think of it.

Well, I guess that concludes my tacky moment of the week. Again, I can't stress enough that I'm not requesting gifts or hinting at anything. Stella loves to see her friends' beautiful faces more than anything, so that's what matters most to us. This is just for those who find themselves at a loss and want some help.

Now, if you're shopping for me, I could use a good full-body massage, a facial, some products from, a trip to Tahiti and a new wardrobe for my new body. Look -- it doesn't hurt to put it out there!

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