Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Momzilla Strikes Again!

Oh boy. When I haven't slept, I just completely lose my filter. I don't know if y'all believe in astrology (and I don't know if I do, either), but we Sagittariuses are renowned for putting our feet in our mouths. Well, it's an excuse for my behavior, I suppose.

I reread my last blog, written after a grand total of 10 minutes sleep the night before, following several nights where a 1 1/2 hour stretch was a miracle. I was, shall we say, not myself.

So, I certainly didn't mean to offend anyone who's offered me advice. Everyone was trying to help the Brooklyn Baby Family who has suffered these past 9 months from severe lack of sleep. Your advice was not "crap," and if it worked for you, I am very happy for you.

I guess I just sometimes get peeved when people tell me about this one little adjustment they made with their kid that helped them sleep for 12 glorious, uninterrupted hours from that point forward, when I've tried every trick listed in every book and suggested by every parent I know, only to find that it doesn't work.

So, sorry I was a Momzilla. Your advice continues to be appreciated, for the altruistic intentions even if has no merit for us.

(Dave let me sleep in until 8am this morning so I'm back to my sugary-sweet Southern self. Thanks, Dave!!!)


CurlyHairedMom said...

Hey Momzilla ;) I thought your comments were fine! I remember when my girls were babies, ppl and their well meaning advice got tiring!

Anne Stesney said...

I went through the same thing when I had trouble breastfeeding, so I completely understand where you're coming from. I tried EVERYTHING, yet I felt like people didn't believe me or thought I wasn't trying hard enough. It was really annoying and you're right. In the end you know your baby better than anyone.