Saturday, December 20, 2008

Virtual Nurse-In!

A much younger Stella (4 months) chowing down! Facebook has decided that photos of moms breastfeeding are obscene. I didn't realize that it was obscene to feed my child, but pictures of teenage girls' coinslots and cleavage are A-OK!

To show Facebook what a back-asswards, misogynistic piece of bull they're being, won't you join me for the big-time Nurse-In on December 27th?

You don't have to be a booby-mama to do so! Just put any picture of any mama nursing (yourself, your wife, your friend, your mom, a celebrity) as your profile pic on December 27th to show them who's boss! I'm going to post a much more risque shot on that day, but you can borrow my artsy one above if you'd like!

Boobies -- UNITE!

1 comment:

Holly said...

Good for you, Randi! I, too, can't believe Facebook calls it obscene.

We just got back from Guatemala, where it is completely natural and no big deal at all for mothers to whip out their breasts in any public setting to nurse their children.

Heck, even in ISLAMIC countries, there is a different word for a lactating breast than a non-lactating breast, and there is no problem with a woman nursing in public. (At least this was our experience in Morocco.)

What's up with the US and Facebook?