Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Movin' On Up!

After about 2 years of countless real-estate searching, we have finally found a worthy/available apartment that's not in a crappy neighborhood! (This news has been brewing a while, but I dared not post about it until AFTER we'd signed the lease, which we did this morning. We've had many an apartment fall through right when we thought we'd nailed it.)

We will continue to remain the Brooklyn Baby Empire, because we will be staying in Brooklyn. However, we must bid adieu to Park Slope, as we won't be able to afford it until one or both of us gets that million dollar book deal we haven't been pursuing.

We're moving an area a bit south of Kensington, a bit west of Ditmas Park, a bit north of Midwood, a bit east of Greenwood Cemetery. Despite it's lack of a real neighborhood title, it's a very nice area. It's quiet compared to Park Slope, but it has lots of trees, gorgeous Victorian-era homes, lots of nice Orthodox Jewish families, more diversity than Park Slope, enough stores and restaurants, and is very safe. And, fellow Park Slopians, you'll be happy to know it's only a 10 minute drive and 4 subway stops away from you!

Now, onto the best part: the apartment. I will post pictures as soon as we can get in to take them. (The floors were being finished when last we were there, and I dared not take pictures until we knew we had it -- see how superstitious I've become?) It's in this big pre-war building with an elevator (no more walk up) and laundry in the building (so we can continue the cloth-diaper dealio).

The apartment is...well, it's awesome. Now, having lived in NYC for over a decade, I guess my expectations might be considered low in comparison to someone who lives in the real America, the one where bathtubs don't just sit in the middle of kitchens and where 300 square feet is considered a closet, not a studio apartment.

But I don't care who you are, this place is amazing. It is a REAL 2-BR. Seriously. It's about 1000 square feet. The bedrooms are equal size -- huge. There's an entrance foyer that is only slightly smaller than our current living room. And that's just the foyer. The living room could be a living room in a house in the Midwest. The kitchen isn't huge, actually, but it's been completely renovated and it does have space for a table. The best part about the kitchen, though, is it's as far away from Stella's room as can be, which means I can do dishes while she naps. (Is it crazy that that THRILLS me?)

It has all those charming pre-war details that I love -- molding, arched doorways, thick walls, etc. The floors are hard-wood and in great condition because the last tenant spent many decades there (roughly 5) and covered up their majesty with fluorescent shag carpeting. Too bad we couldn't keep it (ahem).

So, I'm elated. Of course we have to move out November 1st and we'll be spending the next two weekends in Kentucky visiting my family, so we'll have to scramble to find movers, to pack, to get rid of/sell items we no longer need, and then to unpack and set up the new place. But hey, I'll take it.

PS -- Those of you who've offered to come babysit to give momma a break, I'd love to cash in on that sometime between October 27th and 31st so I could pack while you entertain Stella-bella! Just email me and let me know if that's something you're into! (Assuming I know you. Otherwise it might be weird. Even if this is NYC.)


Tiffanie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! i know how nerve-wracking it can be to search and search, and i've *heard* how impossible it is in NYC, so i'm doubly happy for you.
i'm also jealous you'll be home for Glendale Days (read that on facebook)! no matter whether they have dairy or not, would you make yourself sick by eating too much funnel cake for me? ? yum. i have really been aching for the country during this fall season. i could use a good hayride. have fun!

alexlady said...

YAY HOW AWESOME!!! man, what's another four subway stops between friends? can you email me the addie so i can googlemaps it?

i'm so excited for you guys. xoxoxo!

d said...

Wow, I just stumbled randomly on your blog and I can totally relate to everything you're talking about! My husband and I are also trying to figure out where we are going to go from Park Slope now that we have a baby and can't afford to stay. I'm so glad there is something to be found out there! Good luck with your new place! Hopefully, we'll find something as well with two actual bedrooms!

Kellygirlnyc said...

Re: babysitting. Would it be in the AM or PM? I might be able to help out. Call me... :) I'll send an email, too...just to make sure you get this...

Rosewood said...

That is so awesome that you guys have found a bigger place!