Monday, February 20, 2012


My Patient Patient

Stella stayed out of the Jersey Shore drama and just soaked up the rays.

Father-Daughter Bonding

Me at the Derby!

When I was a kid, I kept a diary religiously. Except when I didn't. There'd be an entry or two every day for years, then suddenly a year with nothing. When I picked my diary back up and realized how much of my life was omitted, I figured I owed it to my future adoring fans (or the mourners who'd find my diaries after my death, if I was in a dark mood) to recap the year. So there'd be one quick entry with bullet points describing the high- and lowlights of the previous year. Then I'd quickly transition into mooning over some unrequited crush.

Well, fear not: there are no unrequited crushes these days (I'm sure Dave's relieved to hear that). But I am anxious to start writing about daily life because, as these blogs go, mine's pretty interesting at the moment. But first, a recap of my year sans blogging.
  • Illness/surgical procedures. A slipped disc in my back - lots of meetings with people who insisted I needed surgery. Then, finally, against my own prejudices, a chiropractor who righted my life again (let me know if you want his info - he's a miracle worker). Also, a very embarrassing and painful surgical procedure that shall remain nameless. All this made me pretty miserable and lethargic for a long time.
  • I went to the Derby for the first time in my life, which is insane, considering how obsessed with it I am (just ask my NYC friends who ate benedictine at my annual parties).
  • Crazy trip to NYC. I mean crazy. First of all, we drove. (With a 3-year-old.) We rented a beach home to hang out with friends on the Jersey Shore, and I guess that shore rubbed off on us because we had some serious inter-friend drama. Then a visit with Dave's family, and a blow-out with Dave's sister over our misuse of her home's marble. (Somehow during my illustrious youth in Upton, KY, nobody ever taught me that I can't put any toiletries at all on a marble, nor am I allowed to get water on it.) There was, thankfully, a fabulous wedding thrown into the mix, which was good, because I needed to dance off some aggression. Finally, a sweet trip back to Brooklyn to visit with wonderful friends, causing us to feel conflicted about our move to Kentucky. Good times.
  • My mom was diagnosed with melanoma. This is what led to my grandmother's passing, and my brother survived it not long ago, as well. Thankfully, they were able to remove all of my mom's cancer through an operation, but it was an emotional time to say the least.
  • My brother, Jason, and his wife endured a heart-breaking trip to the Ukraine, certain they'd bring home an adopted child or maybe two, only to run up against a million brick walls.
  • School - a new year, a new grade, new everything. The kids are incredible this year - very hard-working and polite, but I'm a perfectionist as always and I continually strive to turn them into world-class writers before the year is over. A realist, I am not. Which is why, frankly, I think I'm a good teacher.
  • The Moth Storytelling Series came to Louisville! I repeatedly said that Louisville would be the perfect city if it only had the Moth, and it's absolutely true. Now we're a little liberal haven with excellent theater, art, food, music, friends and THE MOTH! I've performed in it twice, and won the December slam! That was totally a dream-come-true moment. And then it got better. Much better. Because I found out that my story is going to be on the podcast. The podcast that I'm obsessed with. I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! (I'll totally post the link when it is up.)
  • Dave came down with septic staph, an illness we thought at first was just strep throat. When he got to the hospital, his EKG was abnormal, so the nurse called me to inform me my husband was having a heart attack. Thank God they were wrong, but the muscle of his heart was inflamed, causing it to beat irregularly. He received amazing care from Baptist East Hospital. Seriously amazing. Made me so grateful we moved here, because we never had such a competent, caring, attentive stay at a hospital in New York, and that's including my amazing labor and delivery experience. And we were touched beyond belief by the selfless generosity of my family and our friends. My mom and sister scoured our dirty home, my brother Kerry researched doctors and sent us a care package, my other brother, Jason, and his wife, Nikole, fetched groceries and other treats for us, and my brother-in-law, Brian, took Stella out with her cousins so she could have some fun. My mom was on full-time Stella duty and was my emotional rock. And our friends brought us food and visited Dave in the hospital and reminded us what a wonderful community we've established for ourselves here. This experience shook Dave and me to our cores, reminded us how lucky we are to be alive, to have each other, to have everyone in our lives.
  • And now, finally, at the age of 39 and 36 respectively, Dave and I are looking into home ownership. Because in Louisville, you can actually get a place in a non-scary neighborhood with more than 1.5 bedrooms for less than $600,000. And that still kind of blows our minds, especially if you read about any of our real estate drama in NYC.Link
  • Stella has really grown out of a lot of her Sensory Processing Disorder, with the help of a wonderful occupational therapist and her terrific preschool, AJ! She is social, sweet, creative, brilliant, and most amazingly of all, a fantastic sleeper!

I guess those are the main traumas, er events. I think you see why blogging shifted to my back burner for a while.

In terms of the here and now, Stella is watching "The Cat in the Hat" and eating toast, Dave is at the hospital for the intravenous injections that he's been receiving since his hospital stay three weeks ago (he's got one more week to go), and I'm sipping coffee in my PJ's. It's gearing up to be a sweet day off at home, if I can push aside the more than 150 papers I have left to grade.

Until I blog again...

Saturday, February 18, 2012


What a year it's been. Not that you'd know. Because I stopped writing on this blog...

Well, I'm back, and there's no stopping me now. (Even if you really want to.)

So stay tuned, because stories of parenting, public school teaching, and general merriment are coming your way. (But not right now, because I'm going to go see a movie.)