Monday, September 6, 2010

Writing it Down

Amidst getting acclimated to my new job (which I still love) and buying a new-to-us-car (what a grueling process) and sending Stella off to preschool (where Stella eats yummy challah), there's been a whole lot of cuteness over here. And I fear if I don't take a moment to write it down, despite my raging cold and the 465 papers I need to grade and the cleaning that I should do, I'll hate myself later.

So, here goes.

As the pictures illustrate, Stella is WAY into dress up. Only my sassy girl never wants to be a princess. Oh, no, she wants to be Lady Gaga or a bunny. In this photo, she is both. (Notice the fluffy tail?)

Speaking of Lady Gaga, Stella's favorite song is Bad Romance. She requests it between 400 and 6oo times a day. And when she says "romance," her New York accent is deliciously apparent. I play the Glee version for her, but I'm still disturbed that she knows all the words.

She invented a game called cheeseburger. This is noteworthy because the game has nothing to do with food and she has never actually consumed a cheeseburger in her life. She stacks whatever clothes she can find - dirty, clean, whatever - into a big pile on our bed and then pretends to eat it. If an article falls off she yells, "OH NO, MY CHEESEBURGER," and rebuilds.

Sometimes, when she is really happy or really tired, she hugs me close and says, "my baby."

She can read her name. I kid you not, she knows her name when she sees it written. And I swear I didn't do this.

I have spots on my chest from a weird infection I got (caused by NYC's tropical weather), and sometimes Stella pretends to eat the spots. She says, "mommy got spots, yum!"

If her nose is runny, she says, "Stella's nose is MESSY!"

She says "thank you," "no thank you," and "please" all on her own. And when she drops something, she picks it up.

She makes up songs. One is called "Baby in the Water" and the other is called "Ballerina Cat." Both are beautiful.

She calls our cat Cromwell, "Wodo." She calls our cat Talisker, "Talisker."

Any and every item can become ice cream in her imagination. Especially ink pens.

Her favorite thing to do is to go to the Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen in St. Matthews, not only to eat their Smurf ice cream (made from real Smurfs!), but also to dance to their authentic, antique jukebox. Sometimes she'll peek inside the jukebox, looking for the hound dog who got lost in a jukebox on a particular episode of "The Wonder Pets."

She loves her Mamaw. Whenever we get in the car, she asks if we're going to see her. And her dogs.

Her favorite song, other than "Bad Romance", is "Old MacDonald" (not by Lady Gaga, that I know of). She likes to add odd animals to his farm, such as bears and seals, and sometimes claims that he has a baby or Mamaw on his farm. Once, when she said Mommy was on his farm, she told me the sound Mommy made was, "STELLA," said in an exasperated voice.

She has a single, perfect, dark brown freckle on her right hand.