Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pouring, Not Raining

A short, happy break from teething!
Where have I been, you ask? Too consumed with actual life to deal with my cyber alter-ego. I do apologize.
So much has happened, and there's lots I'd love to write. However, Stella's nap will most likely end any moment now, which means my blog must be short. These days I constantly hear the Mission Impossible theme music playing in my head as I race to clean, return calls, check emails, shower, eat lunch, or drink enough water to not be dehydrated while her majesty naps.
But can't you do any of those things while she's awake, you ask?
Well, in a normal week, I can slip in one or two things. But, you see, my amazing little girl is obsessed with people. She could take or leave most any toy you give her; she wants constant human interaction. Meaning if I put her in her exersaucer and try to do dishes, I am met with longing looks, cries of "momma" and "nee nee" (her term for nursing), and sometimes tears.
So, even in a normal week, my day is spent on the floor playing, on the couch nursing, on walks with Stella in the Ergo or stroller, and on the bed trying to get her to nap.
However, this has not been a normal week. Stella has been teething like crazy. (What I thought was an ear infection in the last entry was actually, thankfully, "horrible teething," as her pediatrician put it.) She has a million teeth all pushing against her gums and causing her nagging pain, but as of yet none have managed to poke through and bring her any amount of relief.
She drools constantly, has run a slight temperature, doesn't want to nap during the day or sleep at night, is cranky and unsettled, and wants to nurse literally nonstop. I actually have a hickey on one of my nipples. This is a first for me.
Add to that the intense cold she got this week, and we have a recipe for misery and insanity. Buckets of snot which were all sucked out by me and my handy dandy nasal aspirator, a constantly running humidifier (and wet floors), taking her into steamy shower after steamy shower, all while she screamed or coughed or sneezed or just looked completely wiped out and unhappy: this was the meat of my day.
So, sorry for the lapse in blogging. Again, the clock is ticking and I feel as if this blog could self-destruct at any moment, so a brief update for you:
*We had a great time visiting my dad, brothers, and niece in Las Vegas. Stella loved the lights and intensity, and was a crowd-pleaser, as always.
*The lead paint situation remains unsettled. I really don't want to get into details in a public forum, but the upswing is that the cogs are in motion to repair it in a safe way. The downside is there is some hostility and unhappiness involved.
*We are finally finishing Phase Two of moving in. Phase one was actually putting stuff in here and unpacking. Phase Two is decorating it with what we have currently and hanging window treatments (instead of the gorgeous garbage bags we were using to cover the windows.) Phase Three will be adding furnishings that need to be bought but for which we currently do not have the funds.
*I am picking up more tutoring jobs which helps both my mental health and our personal financial crisis.
*We are preparing to visit my family in Kentucky for the holidays and I can't wait!
Well, I hear her majesty stirring, so naptime is at its close. As 2009 approaches, you may wish for more money, lost weight, no more cigarettes, a more positive attitude. Really, all I want for Christmas are Stella's friggin' teeth.

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rachel leah said...

Gideon gave me a hickey the other night. I guess he lost his hold and he quikly grabbed in a different spot.